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York Indoor Golf & Training Center
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by Bob Wolfe on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

This is a great place to improve your game, upgrade your equipment, and meet fellow golfers who enjoy chasing that little white ball.
Matt is growing the game with his instruction and youth programs. I wish I would have had the opportunity to learn this great game at a young age. I have had several lesson from Matt and it has helped greatly. Still improving!

I enjoy the hitting golf balls even when Mother Nature does not want me to. The equipment is top notch and easy to use. When there is a problem, the staff is quickly there to help and get you back hitting balls.

I would recommend Indoor Golf to all players at any level. Thanks Matt, Keep up the great work!!!

by Joe Downing on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

Professor Matt Keller, PGA, teaches golf at Penn State York (KINES 29-Golf 1). I respect Matt so much that I asked him to help me coach our campus’s collegiate golf team. Indeed, Matt has worked with most, if not all, of the leading junior golfers in our area. I sought Matt’s advice over three years ago to work on my own golf game. Over the past 30+ years, I’d had countless golf lessons from all sorts of teachers. Every teacher had his/her own ‘fix.’ However, nothing worked long-term until I met Matt.

He is a phenomenal teacher. At his indoor training facility, Matt uses advanced video swing analysis, biometric feedback tools (K-Vest) and other evaluation tools (Blast Motion) to usher golf instruction into the 21st Century. Through these tools, Matt’s instruction transformed my golf game.

Dr. Joe Downing, Golf Coach and Associate Professor of Communication

by Ned Davis on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

I've been using the York Indoor Golf and Training Center for about two years now - especially in the off season. I really enjoy working with the pros there - Matt Keller and Derek Fenstermacher. Matt totally turned around my swing using all the computer gadgets they have on site - posture, back-swing, hip rotation, etc. Derek fixed me up with my first custom fit club ever and my Callaway Driver is now my favorite club in the bag. I'm working on my short game and can see with some more work the goal that Matt and I set is getting closer. I highly recommend York Indoor golf. Thanks Matt and Derek. Respectfully, Ned Davis

by John Forrey on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

I give York Indoor Golf & Training Center my highest recommendation. Matt Keller is an excellent instructor.

They have a number of instruction packages to accommodate anyone’s individual time and financial constraints. I signed up for a 16 week program this past winter and my game has finally improved after years of frustration. Matt is very patient and accommodating and uses various technology to help create a repeatable consistent swing.

by Tom Morley on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

I was struggling and I ask Matt for help. He was very good and worked with me over two or three lessons. Did not try to make me a pro overnight but taught me the basics I had forgotten. Worked very diligently with me and I felt like I was getting somewhere and I was. Unfortunately I had to take a four week break and I have forgotten some of what Matt taught me. I will be going back soon to get things straighten out. Highly recommend him

by Todd Lowe on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

Todd Lowe testimonial…..

“I came to York Indoor Golf to get fitted for a new set of clubs that my wife surprised me with for xmas. I didn’t know what I wanted, and Matt couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating. He gave me (8) seven irons and said, “take your time, hit these different models, and we’ll work with what feels good to you”. Once settling on the Ping G400’s, Matt provided some extremely helpful instruction, which has provided more consistency in my game.

Well, the results have been rewarding and were topped off with my first hole-in-one ever! Knocked a 5 iron into a slight breeze on #9 at Briarwood West in late April, while playing with my son, onto the green and one hopped into the cup!

Can imagine a better place that has nice facilities, excellent instruction, and friendly/accommodating environment.

Todd Lowe
Seven Valleys, PA

by Steve Feldmann on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

Matt is very patient and methodical. If you are a data-driven learner, he has all the analytics and video monitoring of modern technology available to him and the student. But if you find that overwhelming, as I did, mat also explains things clearly and has an arsenal of tips and drills that can be easily learned, repeated and internalized quickly.

I continue to improve, while overcoming physical issues unrelated to golf, and I credit Matt’s lesson series for feeling like I want to keep playing!

by Ed Ward on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

Whether your looking for swing help or a fitting for new clubs, York Indoor Golf is an excellent choice. Matt has helped me with both. His knowledge and teaching style are highly recommended. The technology aids available are game changers. Keep up the good work!!

by Tom Ferrara on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

I took a whole package of lessons from Matt back in 2018. I had surgery on my hand and I was concerned about the impact of that surgery on my swing. Matt was very methodical about how to check out my flaws and how to correct them. The use of the K-vest was very helpful along with the swing analyzer. The video reviews showed me where I needed to make adjustments. Matt's instruction definitely helped me and I am going to get some refresher instruction shortly.

by David Sibbach on York Indoor Golf & Training Center

Matt has the technology and patience needed to help you improve your game. When I started he asked what my goal was, and it was simple, I want to make better contact and reduce the "fat" shots. While I have some work to do, he has definitely helped me achieve a major improvement in ball contact. I am back to being excited about golf. Thanks Matt.

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At York Indoor Golf & Training Center, we value everyones opinion. Our goal is provide every customer with the very best experience whether they are coming in for a lesson, club fitting, swing evaluation, or just practicing/playing a round on the simulators and with your help we can do that. Please let us know what you think of our business, what are we doing right or are there things that you feel could be better, let us know we look forward to hearing from you

Thank you,

Matt Keller, PGA – Owner, York Indoor Golf & Training Center 


York Indoor Golf & Training Center is an indoor golfing facility located in York, Pennsylvania. We offer a 3,600 square foot facility with 5 Foresight GC2 Golf Simulators w/ TGC 2019, 1 Uneekor QED Golf Simulator w/ TGC 2019, 500 sq ft Practice Putting/Chipping Green, a Conference Room, Premium Club Fitting done with Foresight GC2+HMT, State of the Art Instruction Equipment and Retail Area. Call today to learn more!

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