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Now Introducing CoachNow!

CoachNow is an all-in-one digital coaching platform designed to manage, motivate, and train students

What is CoachNow?

The CoachNow digital platform provides a way for us to stay in contact and assist our students during their journeys to become better golfers. Some features of the program include:

  • Capture – Students can record and share practice footage, Coaches can record and share lesson footage while also having the ability to use built in video analysis tools to analyze students swings in even more detail. 
  • Communicate – Coaches and Students can now send and receive messages in a easy to use messaging platform all in one place. This replaces the need to send text messages and emails back and forth which could lead to a delay in responses.
  • Teach – Allows Coaches to provide real-time feedback that’s clear, engaging, effective and private to Students
  • Share – Coaches and Students can send videos, photos, practice schedules, interesting articles and forms to one another.

Every student who signs up with CoachNow will receive their own personal “Space” where they can capture, communicate, and share privately with their respective coach.

Why is CoachNow effective?

Why is CoachNow effective? It’s simple. The more frequent we see or interact with a student, the more they improve. With CoachNow, we now have the ability to interact with students both in-person and remotely.

In basically every other sport, the process works as follows. The player/student goes to practice and the coach is there to provide information, drills, and various forms of feedback to ensure that the player/student is not only improving but becoming optimized. Golf needs to follow this model. Instead of just taking lessons then heading out to practice, where students could potentially fall back into bad habits or start to wonder if they’re practicing correctly, CoachNow can allow students to access previously recorded swings and drills the coach provided them to ensure them that their practice sessions are leading to improvement and optimization.

Who is CoachNow is for?

CoachNow is a perfect instruction platform that can help to solve golf improvement barriers for: 

  • Students who are unable to be readily visit our facility for instruction
  • Students who practice for weeks on end without any form of feedback, positive or negative
  • Students who are unable to return to our facility for follow-up lessons or able to receive feedback between visits
  • Students who are looking for a way to retain specific information covered during lessons so they are not relying on memory

Let York Indoor Golf & Training Center + CoachNow help you on your journey to achieve your dream score!

CoachNow Plans

All CoachNow Plans include the following:

  • Unlimited Video Swing Analysis – Receive professional swing analysis from Face On and Down the Line views, all through the CoachNow app
  • Unlimited Communication via CoachNow – All of your personal game improvement information will be stored in your own created “Space” viewable to only you and your respective coach. You Videos, drills, notes, images, documents, and more from your coach. Videos, questions, notes, and stats from you. Your “Space” is how you and your coach will stay connected between your private lessons.
  • Private Instruction – Plans include In-person and/or online private lessons. Private Instruction starts at 1 Hour and goes up to 16 Hours per month depending on plan selected. Sessions will run 1 Hour and be held at York Indoor Golf & Training Center or online via Skype, Zoom, or Messenger. CoachNow will be available in 1 month or 3 month increments.  

1 Month Subscription Packages

3 Month Subscription Packages

*Once your package is completed, your CoachNow subscription can be extended for $50 per month or $99 for 3 months

Ready to Get Started?

A Training Space is waiting for you!

1.) Fill out the contact form below. Once submitted, we will contact you in regards to plan selection and payment. After plan selection and payment, we will send an email to you that will contain a link to sign up and join our training space online. There will also be a 6-digit passcode you could also use to sign up through the CoachNow app.
2.) Download the FREE app on your iPhone, Android and/or iPad and sign in.
3.) Once signed in, we will post directions in your space feed on how to video your swings and how to share them and other content with your coach.
5.) Ask questions, post swings, share interesting articles, post swing data, and more! 
6.) Lets Start Improving!

CoachNow Plan Submission Form


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